Hi, This is Qing.  As a designer and artist,  I firmly believe that everything has its own beauty –  from a gracefully standing peony in the garden, to a little chunky potato in the kitchen.  I approach my art with inspirations from nature, travel, little things in daily life, books, memories, emotions and stories.   What interest me most are forms, light and shadow.  What I value most is the resonance evoked from a subject.
Why art?  Sometimes, I have wondered if my art pieces are from my own heart at that very moment, why would another person be interested in. Then, when I look at an art work from another artist, I either grin, or feel that tension and pain, and I know that two hearts have just met each other, even if briefly.  Art is beyond culture and art is honest.   When I put my genuine feelings and thoughts into my art works, others will feel it.
My art works and stationery designs have been licensed with several renowned companies, including Pottery Barn, West Elm, Minted, and Domino.   Please visit my shop for more information.

For inquiries, please reach me at  JiQingPhoto@gmail.com

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