2015 holiday photo card design featured

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So proud and excited that my design “Wreath of Joy” was featured by Chassity @http://www.looklingerlove.com/ . Thank you very much, Chassity!   🙂 http://www.looklingerlove.com/…/…/holiday-cards-with-minted/

Wishing You Happy

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My newly launched art print “Sunflower Field” at @minted website.  I love sunflowers.  They remind me of sunshine, smiles, Van Gogh, idealist, and happiness.  Of the sunflower seed plates that were sold on the street when I was little, and … Continued

Story Behind My Awarded Design

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http://www.minted.com/julep/2015/07/31/moving-announcement-challenge-special-prize-winners/ Yesterday, 07/31, I got the “Innovation Award” from Minted for “Moving Announcement Challenge”.  I am honored, humbled and very thankful to Minted!  This is totally out of my expectation, because I know how talented the designers are in Minted … Continued

record the true selves

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They are such a lovely and loving family!  Children are always more creative than us adults.  They jumped and ran, always finding the perfect place to pose!  I enjoyed watching and recording them without much disturbance.  What’s left on the … Continued

why I like black and white

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Black and white, with a hint of sunshine color.  Sometimes, I prefer black and white, and I ask myself why.  Maybe because it is easier to see the essence when all the colors are gone.  Just like in life, only … Continued

Happy Children’s day

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Today is Children’s Day. When photographing kids, what touches me most is their pure smile, soft cheek, and unconditioned love towards others. Happy Children’s day! If you are no longer a child, like myself, celebrate your inner child!

Peony from the backyard

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Every day is a good day. Peony from the backyard.  Hard to decide which Photoshop effect is better.  What do you think?   🙂  


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It was the best season in Washington DC.  The cherry and magnolia flowers were in full bloom, and she smiled beautifully inside the watercolor of flowers.   So young, and so sweet!  A afternoon with her reminded me of the days … Continued

The Little Green

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  The first time we met, I was attracted to her signature long hair and vintage style.  Knowing that she loves painting, reading, music and meditation,  I was not surprised that she was so artistic,radiant and passionate in all her photos.  Under the … Continued

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