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It was the best season in Washington DC.  The cherry and magnolia flowers were in full bloom, and she smiled beautifully inside the watercolor of flowers.   So young, and so sweet!  A afternoon with her reminded me of the days … Continued

The Little Green

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  The first time we met, I was attracted to her signature long hair and vintage style.  Knowing that she loves painting, reading, music and meditation,  I was not surprised that she was so artistic,radiant and passionate in all her photos.  Under the … Continued

Painted in Blue

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We met in a hot summer afternoon and it rained suddenly.  We ran into a small pavilion, talking and laughing.  The air was so fresh after the rain, and her eye sparkled under the crystal sky.  We never know when … Continued

Across the Flowers

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A short session with “the Little Green” after a group meeting.  Summer is the season of flowers, and across the flowers, I saw her beautiful smile!