The Little Green

The Little Green

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The first time we met, I was attracted to her signature long hair and vintage style.  Knowing that she loves painting, reading, music and meditation,  I was not surprised that she was so artistic,radiant and passionate in all her photos.  Under the blue sky and large canopies of emerald green trees, she ran, span, jumped, and laughed, like a little beautiful green Jade running out of the forest.  

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  2. Phoebe Wu

    The photos captured the glowing images of her movements that are visually stunning. The girl was portrayed with a charismatic and graceful charm!

  3. Thank you, Phoebe. 🙂

  4. Yuxue Wang

    Very stunning work Qing! You are truly an artist who not only delivers great photos, but also capture each person’s characteristic!

    • You are my very brave and beautiful model! Thank you, Yuxue! 🙂

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